Cons of an Overmount Kitchen Sink
· Many individuals trust they are unattractive when utilized on a countertop made of high-end material, for example, granite, since they cover the edges of that material.
· With an overmount kitchen sink, bits of food can easier get cleared underneath the edges of the sink and stuck there. This can prompt the development of mold and bacteria that can be unfortunate for you and your family.

Undermount Kitchen Sink
This is a moderately new sort of sink that has turned out to be prominent with the expanded utilization of counters made of natural stone. With this sort of sink, rather than being set on top of the counter with the counter supporting its weight, the sink is installed underneath the counter and held in place with a solid cement.
Pros of an Undermount Kitchen Sink
· An undermount sink permits the characteristic excellence of your counter to be undisturbed by the edges of your sink.
· Clean up of your counter is made simpler by having an undermount kitchen sink since all food and other spills can be cleared directly into the sink with no obstacle in the path, for example, the edge of the sink.
Cons of an Undermount Kitchen Sink
· Certain care must be utilized when you have an undermount kitchen sink. Since the sink has no edges, you should be cautious never to fill your sink. Generally water will spill out onto your counter top. Moreover the cements that hold the heaviness of the sink are frequently not waterproof and contact with water can make these cements to loosen, and your sink will fall.
· Because of the way these sinks are held in place, it is critical that they are installed effectively to ignore problems down the road. This can prompt a great deal of work on your part in installation or the cost of hiring a professional to install it for you.
· Not considering the cost of labor, undermount kitchen sinks are likewise more costly than their overmount kitchen sink counterparts.
After viewing these pros and cons of each type of kitchen sink will help you reducing down your confusion and you will choose sink wisely that well suited with your kitchen.