There are a lot of brands that produce kitchen sinks. Some of them are better known, some less. Here is a list of the best kitchen sink brands you should choose from.

World-renowned for their products’ quality, KOHLER is one of the best kitchen and bath fixtures manufacturer. They have an excellent customer support service, and they offer a limited lifetime warranty for their products.
Kraus –
Kraus is one of the world-leading fixtures manufacturers. Their products combine elegant aesthetics and functionality, and they are extremely durable. They offer a limited lifetime warranty for their products, and their customer support specialists are friendly and helpful.
Moen –
Moen is another well-known fixtures manufacturer. They are world-renowned for the fact that their products are easy to install, and their sinks are no different. Even if you’ve never installed a sink before, you will be able to install a Moen model in a matter of minutes following their clear instructions. If you encounter any problems when using Moen products, you can contact the customer service for valuable advice.
Swanstone –
Swanstone is a less known manufacturer based in Missouri, USA. They have been around for more than 50 years, and they produce sinks using innovative and affordable surfaces. Their products are very durable, and they also look spectacular.
So, you managed to find the perfect kitchen sink for your home. You bought it, and the courier service just delivered it. Now all you have to do is to install it. In the following section, we’re going to explain how to install a kitchen sink in easy steps.

Make It Fit –
First, you need to make the sink fit where you’re planning to install it. Most sink manufacturers will provide a cutting template that will help you modify the countertop so the sink will fit perfectly. If a cutting template was not included, you have to make the measurements yourself.
Modify The Countertop –
Some countertops come with a predefined hole for the sink. If the hole is not large enough, measure the differences and modify the countertop. If there aren’t any holes, make them yourself.
Mount The Sink –
Place the sink in the new hole and install the faucet hoses. Make sure the sink is firmly locked in place by using the washers and nuts provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes, the manufacturer would include a seal or gasket in the sink’s box. Make sure you use them as well. If there were no seals in the box, you should use caulk to make sure water won’t reach inside the countertop. Secure the sink’s retaining clips from the underside to ensure a snug fit. Wipe the excess caulk away if you used any. Connect the faucet’s hoses to the water line.